• Identity

    image of man and child walking together. The big distinction about wellness psychology is that it is largely a manifestation of your identity, who you believe yourself to be. If you consider yourself a well person, it goes a long way toward producing well habits and a well mind. Your identity is your

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  • Prosperity Consciousness

    image of sunset over ocean. Being rich is not only a matter of money, but is also a manifestation of inner wealth, such as having a rich appreciation for the splendor of natural living. Einstein reputedly divided people in two groups, those who believe we live in a friendly universe, and those who

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  • Spirituality

    image of sun in sky. Appreciating religious values and spiritual beliefs can help form a solid foundation of wellness in your life. No discussion of wellness psychology would be complete without mentioning the impact of spirituality on wellness. Appreciating religious values and spiritual beliefs

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