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Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Dr. Dehr Talks Sports Injuries

As most of you know I have had the privilege to work with athletes of all ages and experience levels. From children playing their first baseball or soccer games to NFL professionals and multiple Olympians; I’ve seen it all at Performance Health Chiropractic. Athletes will seek out Chiropractic care for anything ranging from back pain, extremity pain to regular maintenance to help them perform at their peak. As a lifelong athlete and Chiropractic patient myself I do my best to keep my patients healthy and on the competition field as we go through the healing process. However, sometimes rest is best and anyone who has seen me for a sports injury has heard me say when it comes to training or competing, “listen to your body!” If something hurts after a rep or two or a few minutes in, then don’t continue doing that movement for hours longer. That is the basis for overuse injuries and can set you up for disaster later on.

I am writing today because I try to be a positive example for you all and this past weekend I had to listen to my own advice! A lot of you know I compete (I use this word loosely!) in stand up paddle board races. This summer I began attempting longer races that range from 5-7 miles long. They can be grueling on the joints but I put in my time training and make sure I stay up on my personal Chiropractic treatment to keep my body performing at its optimum potential. During the race this week conditions were unlike anything I had ever trained in. Three foot waves and technical turns had all the racers going for a swim. About half way through the race I took a couple spills and when I tried to continue my stroke, I felt a pain in my shoulder. Now, I had a decision to make; continue this grueling race and risk injury, or swallow my pride and head for the beach to record my first DNF(did not finish). I decided on the latter. In my world staying healthy is important and while I am as competitive as anyone; a bad shoulder injury would have a horrible impact on many facets of my life. Not the least of which is my ability to treat my patients and continue to be able to paddle board in the future.

So, remember next time you’re faced with the decision to push through pain, ask yourself what you’re risking it for and give me a call. Remember even I follow my own advice, so listen to your body because pain is usually its way of telling you something!

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