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Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Dehr talks migraine success!

I wanted to take a minute to share an awesome story with you all today! I have recently had the pleasure to work with two patients to get their migraines under control. Both of them had long suffered from debilitating migraines and when they came into my office had tried everything to control them. They were both on medications that made them feel worse in general and really didn’t do much to stop the headaches. Now, I don’t know personally the effects of migraine medication, but I know from talking to my patients that they are no fun and in some cases make you feel worse than the actual migraines! After going through their evaluations and setting up a treatment plan both of them were able to discontinue their migraine medication and one of them hasn’t had a migraine since her first treatment!

I’m telling you this story because they were unique in that they sought a Chiropractor specifically for migraines after nothing else had worked. Even neurological consults said nothing was wrong. However, many times during a consultation for another issue, a patient will mention headaches as a secondary complaint that they have just gotten used to dealing with. I once found out a patient with back pain had headaches daily! But that had become normal for them so they didn’t even write it as a reason for their visit. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to treat most types of tension and migraine headaches.

Tell us about your experiences with Chiropractic below or let me know what topics you’d like to hear more of our experiences about.

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